About Us

Blue Bird ® (Premium Quality) range of products are manufactured in specialized production centres, each known for its expertise in specific products. To facilitate global supply capabilities and to satisfy specific local requirements, the plants are strategically located in different parts of the globe. They are manufactured under strict supervision to ensure Conformity & Consistency to International Quality Standards.

Blue Bird ® (Premium Quality) range of products include Trisodium Phosphate (TSP), Tetra Sodium Pyrophosphate (TSPP), Sodium Hexameta Phosphate (SHMP), Sodium Tripoly Phosphate (STPP), Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) etc.

Based on customer requirements, we do arrange for pre-shipment inspection by leading Inspection Agencies. For Food Grade Products, necessary Kosher or other certificates are arranged as per requirement.

In association with leading Industry Experts/Consultants, we provide extensive application support to our customers to determine the appropriate process and optimal usage of the products.

Blue Bird ® (Premium Quality) range of products are available through select network of associates and are Owned & Marketed exclusively by Peninsular Traders.

Peninsular Traders was established in the year 1953 and has rich experience in servicing many leading Industrial and Trade clients. We follow and practice exceptional levels of Business Ethics, Transparency and Timeliness in every transaction.